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We hire people who are passionate about fitness and helping customers within our community find the very best products and services to meet their specific needs.  Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie is a fun and rewarding place to work and we tend to be very selective with who we hire.  We are looking for individuals who are passionate about our business and interested in growing with us.  Due to the extensive training that is required to work at Fleet Feet, we are not currently hiring summer or seasonal help.  

Are you the right fit for a position at Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie?  Are we the right fit for your needs? 

Test yourself with these questions:

Are you comfortable providing excellent customer service… every single time? 
The customer experience is our #1 priority at Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie and you need to be a “people person” to work here.  We are looking for individuals who love meeting new people and enjoy helping customers find the products that will best help them achieve their fitness goals.  We need team members who are outgoing and patient. If you typically feel shy or awkward talking with strangers or if you are not comfortable looking at people’s feet, you might not like it here.   

Are you passionate about fitness and leading an active lifestyle?
Our staff’s passion for fitness and active lifestyles needs to shine through and inspire our customers to meet their fitness goals.  Beyond being employees we are resources for every single customer who walks through our doors. 

Are you good at switching gears? 
During slow periods, you will find yourself busy with other tasks within the store such as cleaning, stocking and more.  The ability to quickly shift gears when a customer enters the store is imperative even when you are behind on other tasks.  Those tasks can wait.  It is important to always remember that customer service is our #1 priority at Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie.    

Are you willing to learn new things? 
We are all about education at Fleet Feet and we are all learning new things each and every single day.  You will not only need to master our FIT process but you will also need to educate yourselves on the shoes and merchandise available in our store as well as training programs.  It is imperative that we be able to speak knowledgably to customers about our products and services.  Having an interest in our offerings will definitely help you here! 

Are you a team player?   
We need to all work together as a team, all the time.  Your team members are relying on you to be on time for your shift.  You need to be patient and respectful of your co-workers.  You will be expected to pull your own weight when it comes to customers and other work that needs to get done within the store.  Also, expect to pitch in and help your teammates with their duties (putting shoes away from a fit) when you can. 

Are you comfortable making recommendations to customers?   
Not only is it imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of our products and services, but you need to have a comfort level in making recommendations to our customers for items or programs that will help them to achieve their goals.  Remember, we are the experts! 

Are you available to work weekends?
Weekends are a very busy time for our business and we need employees with weekend availability.  We also want you out in the community participating in local events and races, so we will do our best to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to do so. 

Did you answer "YES" to these questions?

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